Marine Pyrotechnics

Specialists in Marine PyrotechnicsDenis Ferranti Group are the specialist in Marine Pyrotechnics, providing innovative solutions to domestic and international armed forces.

Our expertise is focused on boats featuring Babcock or similar Submarine Signal Ejectors (SSEs) in service with the Royal Navy and support legacy vessels now in service around the world.

Our capability to design high-reliability pyrotechnics in support of new or legacy systems complements our existing family of products manufactured in the UK.

  • Through our expertise in defence pyrotechnics engineering, design and production coupled with access to a library of Intellectual Property that can be brought to bear on any SSE requirement, we are able to deliver solutions within a fast timescale.

    Products undergo strict testing to ensure safety and reliability for handling and usage.

  • Denis Ferranti have provided a bespoke service to the Dutch Navy to tailor the munition range to suit the Dutch submarines.

    Working with the Navy a product that meets the UK specification has been developed within 6 months.

    This fast development is a result of the historic knowledge built within the Denis Ferranti team.

    Further developments are expected to realise the full UK MoD munition range to the Dutch Navy’s application.

  • To make an enquiry about Marine Pyrotechnics please contact us.