Engine Cooling & Lubrication Systems


We design and manufacture Engine Cooling and Lubrication systems for Diesel Engines.

Pump Types

We integrate with our customers to complete their Engine Cooling and Lubrication solution. The design and manufacture of Positive Displacement and Centrifugal Machines is our area of expertise.

Design Methodology

We design Engine Cooling and Lubrication Systems using the latest calculation techniques including Fundamental Fluid Mechanic Theory, CFD, FEA and Machine Element Calculation providing an integrated, designed for manufacture solution.

 pump manufacture
 pump operation
 geometry export to CAD:CAM

Pump Manufacture

Pump Operation

Geometry Export to CAD/CAM


System qualification is an extremely important part of the Cooling and Lubrication business given the high cost of Engine Test Bed time. We work with our customers to undertake the required qualification under simulated Engine conditions, off Engine, improving time to market, reducing cost and increasing reliability.

Manufacture Scope

Over the past 10 years we have manufactured over 180,000 oil pumps, water pumps and thermostats at our facility in Bangor. We continue to manufacture in the UK, however; where appropriate, we strategically procure components through our office in Asia.