Drive Systems


At Denis Ferranti Drive Systems we design and manufacture electrical and mechanical rotating machines.

Machine Element Design and KISSsoft AG

At Denis Ferranti we focus on the mechanical element of Drive System design involving complex machine element calculation of gears, bearings and shafts.

We operate in the UK as the agent for KISSsoftAG, a specialist in the development of calculation software for the design and calculation of machine elements.

Electromagnetic design and Motor Design Ltd

For the electromagnetic element of systems we work with our partners, Motor Design Ltd, specialists in the field of electrical machines.

Design scope

We are able to undertake most design for manufacture requirements in the drive system field. Our team have experience in many applications including aerospace actuation, racing car gearboxes and wind turbine transmissions.

 design for manufacture - a recent project
 gear design using kisssoft
 electromagnetic optimisation

Design For Manufacture - a recent project

Gear Design using KISSsoft

Electromagnetic Optimisation

Manufacture scope

At the Denis Ferranti Group we have manufactured a variety of Drive Systems and have an array of equipment. Depending on the scale and longevity of a project, we will either manufacture ‘in-house’, out source, or invest in the latest manufacturing technologies to suit the requirement.