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A specialist partner in defenceFor over 40 years the Ferranti name has been associated with prestigious defence programs such as Trident and Astute submarine, Warrior armoured fighting vehicle and the SA80 assault rifle.

Working collaboratively with UK MoD as prime contractor Denis Ferranti Limited are Design Authority for pyrotechnic signaling used on many of the Royal Navy frontline systems and by navies around the globe.

We understand the standards for mission critical equipment where robustness and reliability makes the difference between success and failure.

By adopting a concurrent engineering philosophy ‘in-house’ including software, electronics, mechanical design and systems integration, coupled to strong project management, lead time from concept to a fully tested, integrated solution is kept to a minimum.

Our Intellectual Property library for pyrotechnics is unique within the Defence industry, allowing us to react quickly to market requirements and offer reduced lead times whilst remaining compliant to customer specification and standards.

Products are manufactured at our 4,500 square metre facility in North Wales incorporating vertically integrated manufacturing from machining of components, through specialist painting, plating and test in accordance with MoD stringent quality standards.

Denis Ferranti apply lean manufacturing and statistical techniques to all of our products and processes.

Denis Ferranti Group is a privately-owned UK Defence Company conversant with UKTI export license requirements and overseas export.

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  • Design Authority

    Denis Ferranti products and know-how rely on our people – strong engineering coupled to a belief in providing quality products and services is at the core of everything we do.

    Our extensive Intellectual Property library and knowledge provides elegant solutions to complex problems.

    As a specialist in technology systems and components adopting a multi-disciplined engineering and manufacturing approach early in the design process (design for manufacture) we have capability to control the core technology and critical characteristics of our products.

    Capabilities include:

    • Electronics Design to Do254 and workmanship to IPC 610
    • Software design to DO178
    • Mechanical Design
    • Systems integration
    • Pyro standards?
    • New Product introduction/First article to AS 9100
    • Manufacturing to defence and aerospace standards
      • Machining
      • Secondary processes painting, plating, non destructive testing
      • Full traceability through manufacture
    • Assembly of complex products and systems
    • Test
    • Test development


    Capabilities coupled to a vertically-integrated processes and modern lean manufacturing using the Toyota model assures the shortest possible manufacturing cycle time.

  • Defence Heritage

    With a family name synonymous with innovation and a reputation for strong engineering solutions lasting over 40 years we continue our proud heritage with the range of hybrid drive products providing electrical drive solutions for safety critical applications.

    We are experienced in UK Trade & Investment overseas export license requirements. As a UK-based organisation, we are not subject to ITAR.

    UK Trade & Investment

  • Denis Ferranti Group have provided MoD with a service that is technically competent and sound and one that offers good value for money.

    They have operated in a flexible, open and honest manner and are particularly customer-focused in their dealings with MoD and communicate well.

    Denis Ferranti Group are very pro-active in problem solving and in particular have presented a design solution to a critical safety defect identified in submarine distress signals that has provided a tangible reduction in the safety hazard to the Royal Navy Users.

    I have confidence in their design capability and management and I am in the process of transferring Design Authority ownership for a range of Naval stores from another contractor to Denis Ferranti Group and have confidence that they will fulfil their technical role in this key area well and offer MoD value for money.


    Ministry Of Defence

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    Denis Ferranti Group is a privately-owned business based in the UK.

1882 Company foundedSebastian Ziani de Ferranti, a young inventor founded Ferranti, Thompson and Ince and goes on to build the first modern power station at Deptford in 1887.

1905Ferranti, Thompson and Ince is renamed Ferranti Limited.

1939Denis Ziani de Ferranti is General Manager and Director of Ferranti Ltd during the war period.

1943The Gyro Gunsight was put into production after testing with Spitfire aircraft.
1949DATAR, a battlefield information system, was developed.

1951Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd founded in Bangor, manufacturing specialist defence products, meters and electronics.

1955Denis Ferranti Meters wins a contract supplying the firing system for an atomic weapon.

1966Mark Ziani de Ferranti becomes Managing Director of Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd.
1988The Bangor Factory expands its defence business manufacturing assault rifles and mortar bombs.
1990sDevelopment of pyrotechnics for use in Submarine Signal Ejectors commences.
2001FRACMO, a specialist Fractional Horsepower motor company acquired by Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd.
2004Contracts are won for specialist mortars to be used in armoured fighting vehicles, materials handling and bomb disposal equipment.
2009The group continues, with growth, as a single owner family run business.
2014Latest developments can be found on our News pages.

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