Bespoke Testing For Ordnance

Our testing expertise, initially from the development of marine pyrotechnics products, rapidly grew to a bespoke service for our customers.

Development of test hardware, test methods and improvements in test coverage for safety critical systems give confidence that products achieve the reliability, robustness and integrity expected in their application.

Testing of complex ordnance products requires a complete spectrum of engineering disciplines from EMC/RFI for electronic fuzes to bespoke packaging and handling solutions.

Our no compromise approach in finding the best technical solution for the customer relies on a detailed understanding of the system through the behaviour of each of the component parts.

  • Bespoke Testing Services can include:

    • Chemical and physical analysis
    • HALT/HASS testing (accelerated life testing)
    • Video imaging
    • Electronic performance and functional testing
    • Mechanical strength and integrity
    • Environmental stress screening
    • Life testing

    Our Bespoke Testing for Ordnance ensures:

    • Maximum safety for handling
    • Two actions per product that safeguard operators
    • Product is inert to the point of use
  • To make an enquiry about Bespoke Testing For Ordnance please contact us.