Assembly and Test


At the Denis Ferranti Group we offer a diverse Assembly and Test capability.

Electromechanical Assembly

We have extensive Electromechanical assembly facilities. Examples of some of our processes and products are:-

Assembly of Wiring Looms
PCB Box Build
Coil Winding
DC and BLDC Motor and Gearbox Manufacture
Manufacture of Telephones and Ancillaries
Manufacture of Combat Communications Systems
Manufacture of complete ‘Wired Up’ Systems e.g. Driver’s Hatch of the Warrior AFV

Mechanical Assembly

Our capability in Mechanical Assembly is far reaching:-

Motor and Gearbox Assembly
Pump Assembly
Munitions Assembly
Cash Can and Coin Entry System Assembly

 Pump Assembly
 automated bearing press
 electromechanical testing

Pump Assembly

Automated Bearing Press

Electromechanical Testing

 high pressure testing of welded vessels
 electrical assembly
 mechanical assembly

High Pressure Testing of Welded Vessels

Electrical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly


Product Testing is always matched to our customers specific requirements. Examples are:-

Telephony Testing In Circuit and Function Testing of PCBs
Pressure Testing of Oil Pumps, Thermostats and Water Pumps
Pressure Testing of Welded Vessels up to 160 Bar
On Load and Environmental Testing of Electric Motors, Gearboxes and Geared Motors
Management of Qualification and Proofing of Munitions