Armoured Vehicles & Systems

Armoured Vehicles & SystemsOur expertise in materials technology and mechanical design for armoured vehicle components and systems is underpinned by our engineering capability, manufacturing and assembly processes.

By taking a system level rather than ‘component’ approach to technical problems our extensive library of intellectual property enables dovetailing of technologies such as actuation, motor drive or motion control to assemblies leading to greater value for our customers.

Our turnkey approach to producing systems such as Warrior Hatch is complemented by value added to customers by kanban finished goods and bonded warehouse stores on our extensive site.

Armoured Vehicle Systems are produced to strict specification and rigorously tested to customer requirements and defence standards through qualification and in production to ensure safety, reliability and effectiveness in use.

  • The Warrior Hatch meets the following DefStans: 53-21, 53-36, 00-35, 05-34, 03-19, 03-14, 03-32

    Denis Ferranti Group capabilities for the Warrior Hatch include:

    • Working with complex assemblies
    • Integration of wiring to complex machined components
    • Working with weighty objects
    • Development of all tooling in-house
    • Painting & Plating to DefStans
    • Welding to DefStans
    • Use of testing facilities
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