Aerospace Electric Machines & Power Systems

The growth, maturity and benefits of electrification of the automotive industry are becoming increasingly evident. Growth is exponential and some car manufacturers are looking to phase out the internal combustion engine.

Leveraging similar technology, the aerospace industry is progressing at pace in its own electric future. Today all major aircraft manufacturers have either greater levels of electrification/hybridisation or direct electric propulsion in their sights.

SMEs, a number of large new entrants and existing manufacturers are developing personal all electric vertical take off aircraft.

Considering more than 88 million cars were sold globally in 2016 and less than 5,000 aircraft were made world wide, electrification is going to have a major impact on the aerospace industry and how we travel.

The future of flight is going electric.

In the electric machines and power systems business at Denis Ferranti Group we are developing technology and industrial capability for that future.

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    Denis Ferranti Group is a UK-based aerospace organisation conversant with UKTI export license requirements and overseas export.

    Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the speed of delivery and quality of our work, as well as the emphasis we place on communication.

    We offer our customers greater value due to our vertical integration and access to a library of intellectual property that contributes to programmes of work.

    Our involvement with Sharing in Growth and Clean Sky 2 programmes indicates the value we place on developing our role alongside aerospace partners and the industry as a whole.

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    Denis Ferranti Group is a privately-owned business based in the UK.

1882 Company foundedSebastian Ziani de Ferranti, a young inventor founded Ferranti, Thompson and Ince and goes on to build the first modern power station at Deptford in 1887.

1905Ferranti, Thompson and Ince is renamed Ferranti Limited.

1939Denis Ziani de Ferranti is General Manager and Director of Ferranti Ltd during the war period.

1951Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd founded in Bangor, manufacturing defence products, meters and electronics.
1966Mark Ziani de Ferranti becomes Managing Director of Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd. The group continues to manufacture specialist products.

1990sDenis Ferranti Group wins contracts to manufacture Airbus A320 kits and parts.

2001FRACMO, a specialist Fractional Horsepower motor company is acquired by Denis Ferranti Meters Ltd.

2007The Denis Ferranti Group manufactures BLDC motors for the Zephyr Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
2008The Zephyr holds the world record (unofficial) for the longest duration unmanned flight with an 82 hour, 61,000ft flight.
2009The group continues, with growth, as a single owner family run business.
2012High-power starter/generator hybrid systems are produced.
2013Manufacture of aerospace engine machined components continues.
2014Hybrid power drive 20 to 200kw aerospace applications are developed.