Our Manufacturing

Denis Ferranti Group are a vertically-integrated Design and Manufacturing organisation inline with requirements of EASA Part 21, IPC3 and AS9100 Rev C.

The business incorporates Mechanical and Electronics Design, Manufacturing and Assembly in a single environment.

We offer fast reaction times within the marketplace complemented by direct involvement of senior staff in solution management and communication with Aerospace partners.

With a proven track record in Aerospace innovation, we have access to a library of existing intellectual property which gives us the ability to develop and deliver solutions quickly and with greater value.

We’re a UK-based, privately-owned aerospace business involved in Clean Sky 2 and a number of OEM programmes.

  • Aerospace Manufacturing Programmes

    Trent 900 Airbus A380
    EJ200 Eurofighter Typhoon
    Trent 700 Airbus A330
    Aero Structures Airbus A320
    RB211 Boeing (747, 757, 767)
  • We are experienced in working with a range of aerospace material groups, including:

    • Aluminium Alloys
    • Titanium Alloys
    • Heat-resisting Stainless Steels, Jethete
    • Nickel Alloys (Mnemonic, Inconel)
    • Phosphor Bronzes
    • Case-hardened Steels
    • Plastics
    • Heat-treated Steels
  • We look to work with world-class machines, identified with our customers’ specifications in mind and incorporated into our processes:

    Current equipment includes:

    • Kitamura HX500 - Horizontal machining centre
    • Kitamura HX400 - Horizontal machining centre
    • Traub TNL26 - Sliding Head
    • Traub TNL32/7 - Sliding Head
    • Doosan TT1800SY - Twin Spindle Twin Turret Turning Centre
    • Doosan MX2000 - Mill Turn Centre
    • Mazak Hyperquadrex 200MSY - Twin Spindle Twin Turret Turning Centre
    • Jones & Shipman CNC Grinder
    • Solvac S1500 Degreaseing Plant
    • IMS 1500 CMM Measuring Machine
    • CAM - EdgeCAM

    Expected equipment includes:

    • NDT
    • Keyence Visual Inspection machine
    • IMS MI500 Visual inspection machine with touch probe
    • Mazak Variaxis 1500
    • Mazak Integrex 200 - CNC turning centre
    • Doosan Lynx Turning centre
  • Machining Scope

    Process Scope
    Turning/Mill Turning 6mm-550mm diameter
    Horizontal Milling – (5 axis) Up to 800mm x 800mm
    Vertical Machining Up to 1500mm x 800mm
    Grinding In support of our machining scope
  • Welding Scope

    We weld a wide range of materials and thicknesses by a number of processes, up to 500kg.

    Process Scope
    MIG + TIG General Production welding
    Manual Metal Arc A specialist welding process for sheet and plate
    Oxyacetylene Welding A specialist welding capability for sheet
    Resistance Welding Spot welding/projection welding
    Stud Welding Capacitor Discharge (sheet)/Drawn Arc (plate)
    Brazing and Silver Soldering Flame/induction
  • Preparation Processes

    Detergent wash, shot-blast, paint stripping, rumbling and vapour degreasing.

    Plating Processes

    Denis Ferranti Surface Treatments has an extensive plating capability, operating to Aerospace and Defence Standards.

    The following table gives an outline of our current processes:-

    Process Scope
    Zinc Plating 1 Vat 2000mm x 1000mm x 500mm
    Stannate Tin Plating 3 Vats 1200mm x 600mm x 500mm
    Phosphate (Manganese Class 1) 6 – (250mm x 250mm) Baskets per Cycle
    Copper Plating 1 Vat 1000mm x 250mm x 250mm
    Zinc Plating 500mm Barrel Unit
    Chemical Blackening of Copper & Brass 200mm x 200mm Basket
    Ardrox 160B Passivation of Brass 200mm x 200mm Basket
    Alocrom 1200 250mm x 250mm Basket
    Chromic Acid Anodising (incl black dye) 2 Vats 2500mm x 1000mm x 1000mm
     copper plating
     alocrom 1200
     zinc plating

    Copper Plating

    Alocrom 1200

    Zinc Plating

     chromic acid anodising
     stannate tin
     class 1 phosphate

    Chromic Acid Anodising

    Stannate Tin

    Class 1 Phosphate

    Processes we have experience of are:

    Aluminium Plating Gold Plating
    Hard Anodising Hard Chromium Plating
    Sulphuric Anodising Metal Spraying
    Bronze Plating Nickel Plating
    Cadmium Plating Passivation of Stainless Steel
    Chromate Magnesium Alloys Silver Plating
    Chromium Plating Sulphamate Nickel Plating
    Electroless Nickel Plating
  • We have three paint shops, two for low volume work and one for medium to high volume:

    Process Scope
    Wet Spraying single and 2 pack to commercial, DEFSTAN and Aerospace standards 4 water wash booths
    Stoving (3 track ovens gas/infrared and 2 box ovens) 2000mm x 1000mm
    Powder Coating (electrostatic) 2000mm x 1000mm
     infrared oven

    Infrared Oven

  • NDT & Part Marking in line with Nadcap approval and customer-specific requirement.

    Process Scope
    Small magnetic particle inspection up to 300mm, 0-1000 AMPS, 17250 Ampere turns MF
    Large magnetic particle inspection up to 1500mm, 0-6000 AMPS, 22000 Ampere turns MF
    Dye penetrant inspection level 2, 3 & 4 penetrants, components up to 400mm
  • To make an enquiry about Aerospace Manufacturing please contact us.