Our Technology

Technical challenges associated with hybridization and propulsion in aeronautical applications are significant.

The main technical challenges include safety, certification, performance, mass and cost.

At the Denis Ferranti Group we are unlocking the potential by providing solutions to these challenges through our extensive, application specific, Intellectual Property Library.

We offer a design and build to specification capability along with a range of off the shelf products.

Our technology covers:

  • Machines and converters for provision of electrical and mechanical power
  • Power between 20 kW and 5 MW
  • Speed ranges from 500 rpm to 30,000 rpm
  • Voltages from 28V to 700V and beyond
  • Architectures include simplex, multiplex, permanent magnet and Induction machines, 1 x 10^-9 for fire
  • ARINC and CAN for communications
  • Typical applications include electrical power generation and motor functions in continuous operation, transient power bursts and propulsion.

  • We have invested in people and design systems to enable us to respond rapidly to innovative, bespoke, technically complex customer requirements.

    Complementing our systems engineering capability, we have Safety-Reliability, Electrical Machine, Machine Element, Electronic/Software, Thermal and Mechanical Design disciplines.

  • We have a complete software solution for electric motor and drive simulation design, incorporating:
    SPEED – the worlds leading analytical software package for the design of electric motors (with integrated FEA)
    Motor-CAD – a unique analytical software package for the thermal analysis of electric motors
    SPEED & Motor-CAD’s analytical based algorithms give instantaneous calculation speeds and allow ‘what-if’ analysis in real time

    FLUX – finite element software well adapted for accurate electromagnetic simulation of electric motors
    PORTUNUS– a system simulator developed for the calculation of drives and mechatronic systems. A thermal library allows for thermal analysis of almost any device with mixed electrical/mechanical/thermal simulation

  • We use KISSsoft AG for the design of machine elements.

    Some of the benefits of KISSsoft AG include:

    • The software is developed by mechanical engineers for mechanical engineers
    • There are a wide variety of application fields: defence, aerospace, industrial, automotive, energy and more
    • Sizing, optimisation, rating and CAD integration of power transmission elements are available in a single, integrated package
    • Analysis according ISO, AGMA and DIN standards, VDI, FKM guidelines
    • Engineering services, training and consultancy
    • It’s a high-quality tool for sizing machine elements, reviewing calculations, determining component strength, and documenting safety factors and product life parameters
  • We are familiar with the requirements of ARP4761 guidelines and methods for conducting the safety assessment process on civil airborne systems and equipment.

    To conduct our Safety and Reliability methodology we use Reliasoft, Lambda Predict, BlockSim and FMEA.


  • Today’s technology roadmaps for hybrid systems require robust, highly reliable and fault-tolerant systems. Denis Ferranti have the capability for safety-critical applications.

    Denis Ferranti have capability and experience in simplex/duplex/multiplex control and power-stage architectures.

    We design airborne electronic hardware and software inline with ARP4754A certification consideration for highly integrated and complex aircraft systems incorporating DO254 and DO178.

  • To make an enquiry about Aerospace Hybrid Systems please contact us.